US Army Uniform History

Military Scouts of America

Military Scouts Uniform.

One Army Camouflage Uniform (ACU)
ACU’s are for field bivouac and maneuvers.
One ACU pants, one ACU shirt, one black T shirt, one field jacket, one belt, two black gloves, two green gloves insert, two army green socks, one cap, one helmet, one pair of tan or black boots. Rank insignia, unit patch, American flag patch, name tag, MSA tag, marksmans badge.

One Dress Blue Uniform.
Dress Blues are for parade. special ceremonies and special duty.
One pants, one white shirt, one white T shirt, one dress coat, one belt, one black tie, two black socks, two black shoes. one black beret or cap, two white gloves. Rank insignia, medals, ribbon patches.
Special Forces and MP's wear the beret. All other Troops wear the cap.

Uniform Patches and Insignia.
Rank insignia will be worn on the collar.
Earned Historic Honor patches are worn on a black sash to honor US veterans.
Unit Patches are worn on the upper left arm sleeve.
The American flag is worn on the upper right arm sleeve reverse from the US Army.
Name tag is worn on the right chest above the right shirt pocket.
The MSA tag is worn on the left chest above the left shirt pocket.
The marksman, sharpshooter or expert badge is worn on the upper left shirt pocket.
Honor ribbons are worn only on dress blues coats and on the left upper chest above the MSA tag.

Special Forces and MP's wear the black jungle boots. MP's wear the black beret and special forces wear the maroon beret.
All other Troops wear the coyote brown and ACU PC cover.

The Pledge & Oath