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Military Scouts of America

MSA Associates Regulations.

The MSA is a private organization with the purpose to train and prepare young people ages 12 - 17 for Military service, either as a future soldier of the United States of America or as a Free patriot citizen.

The MSA is a “For Profit” organization.

The Commanding Officer of the Military Scouts at the rank of 2 Star Major General is
M.S. Brumlow. The Major General is the primary authority in all maters concerning the MSA and is charged with the complete operation and success of the Military scouts for the benefit of all participants.

The MSA is an equal opportunity organization and is open to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, race, religion, or creed who wish to participate as a member and will abide by its rules, regulations and bylaws.

Troop Associates (Adult Volunteers) who join the MSA must take an honor and loyalty oath to the flag of the United States, to the US Constitution and a loyalty pledge to the MSA Troop.

MSA Associates and Volunteers are recruited from parents and guardians of the Troop. No one can become an MSA Associate unless they have a child age 12 to 17 who is a member of the Troop.

Parents wear the Historic Honor Patch AF (Allied Forces) the same Patch as a 1 Star Lieutenant General.

MSA Associates (parents or guardians) enter the MSA Troop ranks as an officer starting at First Lieutenant, Captain or Major if a veteran, and may advance to Colonel.

Cost to be a Military Scout is $800 Per Year or $75 per month.
If paid by the month the fee must be paid by the 5th of each month. Failure to pay fee will result in suspension of Troop participation until fee is paid. No exception, military rule.

The MSA participates in troop fund raising and gives a 30% share of the profits to charitable organizations voted on by the troop. Charities are chosen from a list of national organizations prepared by a committee of the Troop consisting of 9 higher up officers, 5 Troop officers and 4 Adult Officers. Charities must be approved by the Commanding General.

Troop members and Troop families are encouraged to recruit other teenage boys and girls age 12 to 17 to become a military scout.

New recruits may be brought to a Troop Meeting ONLY.
New recruits ARE NOT permitted on a Troop Bivouac or on Troop Maneuvers.
No exceptions, military rule.

Troop Recruiters and their families will earn $25 for each new recruit who joins MSA by referral.

Troop Associates who start their own Troop Company will earn $25 per Troop per month. 100 Troops - $2,500 earned per month / $30,000 per year.
Plus 50% of the merchandise profit.

Troop Associates who wish to be a Troop Leader of a platoon or company must pass a background check and submit 2 letters of recommendation, one from a pastor and the other from a close friend or relative. This only applies to Troop Leaders of a Troop.
Troop Leaders hold the rank from Major to Colonel.

Troops will participate in fund raising for profit in which troop families will also share in the total profit.

30% of the MSA total profits go into a profit sharing account divided among participating troop families at every quarter.
Only those families who have active Troop members are eligible to participate in the MSA total profit sharing.

Troop Associates may set up their own MSA store, Facebook store or website to sell MSA merchandise for profit.
Associates share 50% of the profits from an MSA PX store.
Profits from the sale of merchandise from an Associates MSA PX store is in addition to the general total profit sharing fund.
Only products approved by MSA can be sold in an MSA PX store.
Associates may submit products for approval to be sold in all the MSA PX stores.

MSA Associate Alumni are parents or guardians of a Troop who is past the age of 17 and is a graduate Troop of the Military Scouts of America. MSA Associate Alumni may continue to be a sponsored Associate and continue operation of their MSA store to sell MSA merchandise.

MSA Alumni Associates are no longer eligible for the MSA 30 % total profit sharing.

MSA Organization Profit - 40% of the MSA total profit goes to the cost and administration of the MSA organization for the production of the Military Scouts of America.

MSA Total Profit Sharing: 30% To Charity - 30% to troop families - 40% to the MSA Organization.

From the administrative 40% profit, 30% is used to buy equipment for the MSA. 40% is used for activities, meets, bivouac, training, education and troop outings. 30% for administration cost.

Troops will buy and supply their own uniform and equipment.
MSA will furnish patches, medals, honors and rank insignia.

Troop Families will provide insurance to cover their troop of any unforeseen accidents in the field. Profit sharing will help to fray any cost in insurance or troop participation.

The MSA Does NOT Use “Live Fire” Ammunition.
The MSA standard army rifle is a tactical style Air Rifle.
Standard Ammo – Pellet.   Troops rifle is to be kept unloaded and never is the rifle to be loaded except on the firing range with a qualified shooting instructor. No Exceptions, military rule.

Bow and arrows, air rifles, knives and hatchets are used under the strict guidance and supervision of a ranking adult.

Safety Always And Foremost.
Safety guideline as set forth by Federal and state law is to always be observed and obeyed. No exceptions, military rule.   Click on the "Maneuvers Page" for details.

Troops will require a letter of permission from a parent or guardian for Troop outings, bivouacs, maneuvers and visits to military facilities.

No Adult Associate shall ever be left alone with a Troop.
There must be 2 Adults for every 10 Troops (squad).
Violation of this rule is cause for dismissal. This rule protects not only the Troop but also the Associate.  NO EXCEPTIONS, Military Rule.

Serious misconduct must be reported to the Commanding General directly and 2 other high ranking officers for verification.
The Commanding General will convene a general counsel of 5 Associate officers to decide the appropriate action to be taken.

Safety is the key most important factor in the Military scouts. Troops and Associates will always follow MSA safety procedures as set forth in the US Federal guideline in safety for all Troop activity as prescribed by federal and state law.

Troops are responsible for their own action. Troop who are in violation of any rule or regulation will be reported to the Troops parent or guardian before any military discipline occurs.
The Troops parent and guardian can decide if they wish to proceed with camp punishment or a court martial procedure if required as set forth by the MSA rules of a tribunal court martial and military discipline, so stated in the Troop Rules and Regulations.

Troop Conduct Requirement:
Troops must pledge allegiance to the Flag, to obey the laws and to defend the US Constitution.

Troops must adhere to the MSA Code of Ethics and take a pledge of honor and loyalty.  Code of Ethics

Troops must attend at least 3 out of 5 meets or bivouacs to be considered for rank.

Troops must complete all the MSA requirements for advancement in rank.

Troops must at all times listen and obey the orders of the commanding officers and those of a higher rank.

Recruits must memorize the first 5 of the 11 General Orders and the preamble to the US Constitution before becoming an MSA troop.

Troops must always be in uniform when in the field, at a meet, on a bivouac or on maneuvers.

Troops will be given a set of general orders. Violation of a general order may result in camp restriction, camp punishment, a lowering in rank or court martial.

An extreme violation or numerous violations may result in a full discharge.

Troop will be given a full military review before the military council at which time the troop may present a defense of all the charges.

Troop has the right of representation. The verdict will be decided by the military council which is made up of 5 Troop Officers and 2 Adult Officers.

Troops must demonstrate a good will in the community and complete a required project of peace and freedom to advance in rank.

Enlisted rank and file Troops must complete 5 projects of freedom beginning with the rank of First Sergeant. 1 project of freedom must be completed before advancing to the next rank.

Officers will complete 5 project of peace beginning with the rank of Second Lieutenant.
1 project of peace must be completed before advancing to the next rank.

All Troops will participate in close order drill during military training and will be attached to either the Honor Guard, Color Guard or Drum & Bugle Corps for military parade march at special events or on memorial occasions.

Maneuvers and war games are designed to test the skill, physical endurance, mind set and capable willingness of the Troop in the field, to serve with full military honors.

Medals and Honors are awarded to those Troops who perform their duty to the best of their ability in the field and in public community service.

Troops who show extreme courage in the field and a ready willingness to make a positive difference in their community will be awarded the highest honors including the "American Esprit De Corps" medal.

Troop will receive an historic US Army patch for each rank advancement in the Troop.

The Historic Patch is a badge of honor and of hard work and is worn on a black sash only for ceremonial events and special occasions.

It is the goal and purpose of the Military scouts of America to teach young people in a military manner that success comes from dedication and hard work and that everyone has the potential within themselves to make a positive contribution.
It is the duty of all persons living.

The MSA is an equal opportunity organization and is open to all persons regardless of age, color, national origin, race, religion, or creed.

Welcome To The Military Scouts of America.
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