US Army Medals History

Military Scouts of America

Awarded Merit Badges

Camping Camp setup, building a fire with two sticks, locating a water source, setup kitchen, pitch a tent, build a shelter, set the perimeter.

First Aid - Demonstrate knowledge in First Aid.

Swimming Swim 200 feet.

Running Run 5 miles.

Biking Bike 25 miles

Boating Demonstrate skill with canoe, raft and have a knowledge of boats and ships. Can identify Navy ships. Build a model boat.

Fishing Demonstrate ability to catch a fish. Catch 10 fish within 5 fishing trips.

Archery Demonstrate skill with a bow and able to hit the bulls eye three times in 5 shots.

Carving Carve any military armament.

Crafts Produce 3 survival crafts.

Fire Demonstrate skill building a fire with sticks.

March & Drill Demonstrate ability to march and drill. Participate in 4 dress parades.

Survival Demonstrate survival skills.

Gun Safety Demonstrate a knowledge in gun safety.

Shooting Range;
Ability to hit bulls eye 5 shots out of 10.
Sharp Shooter Ability to hit bulls eye 7 shots out of 10.
Expert Ability to hit bulls eye 9 shots out of 10.

Self-Defense Demonstrate self-defense techniques.

Compass and Map Demonstrate ability to use compass and map.

American History Pass every written test with a grade above 90.

Constitution Pass every written test with a grade above 90.

God & Country Pledge allegiance to God and country. Attend 3 seminars.

Public Service Demonstrate 3 public service acts.

Community Service Demonstrate 5 community service acts.

High Tech Demonstrate a working knowledge of the internet and electronic devices including communication.

Job Career Write a 3-page essay on your idea job or career.

Construction Build 4 construction projects. A bridge, a damn, a fort and a tower.

Drum & Bugle Participate in the Drum & Bugle Corps. 3 dress parades.

Rope & Knots Demonstrate how to tie 5 knots.

Flight Write a 4-page essay on flight and its use in the military. Build an army airplane model.

Engineering Demonstrate how to build a bridge.

Land & Terrain Demonstrate a knowledge of land terrain.

Hatchet and Knife Throwing - Demonstrate skill hitting the target 3 times out of 5.

Communication Demonstrate a working knowledge of communication devices including a ham radio.

Signal Corps Demonstrate a knowledge in signals including flag, hand signals, flares and Morse Code.

Solar & Energy Demonstrate a working knowledge of fuel resources and how to produce energy. Show a working knowledge of building a solar generator or wind and water turbine.

Pledge of Allegiance

US Silver Star Medal History

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