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101st Airborne Tennessee

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MSA Troop Maneuvers.

MSA Troop maneuvers are a military exercise or a series of war games planned and mapped out for the purpose of observing the Troop in the field to grade their efforts in the performance of their duties.
Military operations are designed to explore the effects of warfare, testing strategies and grading Troop readiness and participation without actual combat.
Codenamed in the same manner as military contingency operations and combat operations.

Expeditions of exploration are non-combatable maneuvers and are conducted in the same manner of Troop deployment.

Troop will deploy to the post designated in their General Post Orders and will perform their duty as prescribed by the orders of the Command General in the field.

Troop will remain in active deployment until such orders from the Command General relieves same Troop of their General Post duty.

Each Troop will be given prior notice to the Troops General Post Orders.

Safety of the Troop
MSA does not use live fire ammunition at anytime during scout training.
The standard MSA military rifle is a tactical Air Rifle, ammo pellet.
The Air Rifle is only used during supervised target practice with a qualified marksman instructors and also on march and field parade (unloaded).
Paint Ball is used during tactical war games and maneuvers and only with eye safety goggles and protective gear.

Medals Awarded In The Field For
Bravery, Skill & Tactics.

The Pledge & Oath

82 Airborne North Carolina

3rd Infantry Georgia

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