Army Equipment History

Military Scouts of America

Military Scouts Basic Equipment

One Dome Tent - Digital Camo,

One Sleeping Bag - Black

One Mess Kit,

One Solar Lamp,

One Flashlight - Army Green,

One Compass,

One First Aid Kit,

One Binocular - Army Green,

One Army Pocket Knife,

One Machete - Black.

Paintball Goggles

One Digital Camo Helmet

One Army Ruck Sack
Digital Camo,

One Army Belt - Black,

One Army Hatchet - Black,

One Canteen - Army Green,

One Tactical Air Rifle,

One Knife and Sheath - Black,

One Army Shovel - Army Green,

One Gas Mask
Army Green Bag
Black Mask,


MSA Uniform & ACU's

Pledge of Allegiance

(Air Rifle - Ammo / Pellet)

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