US Military Code of Conduct

Military Scouts of America

The Military Scouts Code of Ethics

Troops are responsible to the Creator.

Troops value life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness above all.

Troops will not lie, cheat or steal.

Troops are honorable and demonstrate a code of integrity.

Troops are loyal.

Troops do not participate in unruly or outrageous behavior.

Troops are organized prepared and ready.

Troops are not slothful.

Troops are sober minded

Troops are physically and spiritually fit and balanced.

Troops are respectful of others.

Troops obey the laws of the land.

Troops uphold the highest standard.

Troops do not except defeat.

Troops adapt to overcome obstacles.

Troops will defend and protect all life.

Troops will answer the call of duty to God and country.

Troops will perform their duty with courage, honor and efficiency.

Troops will embrace good and shun evil.

Troops will command the respect, confidence and trust of others.

The Pledge & Oath

US Silver Star Medal History

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