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Troop Bivouac Training Camp

1. Camp Bivouac (Camp Basic Training) - camp set up, how to build a fire with just two sticks, pitch a tent, setup a water source, setup a kitchen, first aid, begin march and drill.

2. Survival bivouac Survival techniques, perimeter guard, march and drill.

3. Marksman Bivouac Learning gun safety, gun identification and marksmanship (Use Tactical Pellet Rifle). March and drill

4. Marine Bivouac Boating and swimming.

5. Self Defense Bivouac Self-defense tactics.

6. Land and Terrain Bivouac Learning to use a compass and map, recognizing different land terrains, environment.

7. American History & Constitution Bivouac - Parade march.

8. God and Country Bivouac Parade march.

9. Military Basic Training & History Bivouac - Parade march.

10. High Tech Bivouac Internet, Solar, Energy, Devices, Communication.

11. Public & Community Service, Job Career Bivouac -

12. Crafts and Construction Bivouac Engineering.

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Training, Rank & Patches

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